We offer a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities.

We have a commitment to ensure that our members receive the best digital and face-to-face skill development opportunities. We keep it relevant by engaging a review panel of industry leaders and innovators who guide our member program development decisions.


Explore your untapped leadership skills in a supportive environment.

The nature of our industry is its constant state of change. Our organization is constantly looking for members to step forward and take on the responsibility of leadership while enjoying the reward of seeing a project, committee, or the industry itself move forward thanks to your efforts.


See your contributions grow our industry and advance your fellow members.

There is something in it for you too! By getting involved and contributing, you will gain hands-on experience and watch your contributions shape the future of our industry and see the positive impact of your contribution on your fellow members.


Our team of seasoned professionals is here to support you.

Consistently rated as our most popular member benefit, our professional support services group is here to make you successful. Support for all aspects of your professional practice including operations, marketing, client retention strategies. Our experts are just a quick call or chat away!


Membership really does have its privileges.

Exclusive to our members is access to a hand-picked group of vendors, suppliers, and experts selected to help you accelerate the growth and bottom line of your practice.


It really is who you know.

We are surrounded by technology and barriers that inhibit human connection. Our veteran members tell us all the time that the most valuable member benefit is the network of peers they have developed over the duration of their membership. This benefit is timeless.

Member Feedback

“My professional network is now comprised of true leaders in the profession. I couldn’t ask for more from my membership and networking opportunities.”

NAT JONES, Employers' Advocacy Council

“Since joining, the opportunities to advance my professional and leadership skills have been amazing. It is my single smartest career move!”

SALLY SMITH, ABC Consultants Inc.

“When asking how new clients find us, many times the answer is from a search on our online member directory. That just goes to show… It works!”

EMERY BURNS, CFM, Archie & Associates